Having worked as a professional gardener for 18 years and previously with horses, I've had my share of back issues. I thought I had tried everything and had spent hundreds of pounds on treatments but nothing seemed to last long term. When a friend suggested that I try pilates I was sceptical. I was already strong, and I wasn't sure that pilates would have much to offer me. However I found that pilates worked in a different way to most exercise. I realised that I had areas of weakness around my injuries which I was able to strengthen, so my body became more balanced. I have also become much more aware of how I move from day to day. I listen carefully to my body and know when I am doing too much.

Having discovered pilates I knew that I wanted to share my discovery and help other people to share the benefits. 

Initially I trained with STOTT Pilates and then went on to become a qualified Body Control Pilates instructor. 

I teach in Suffolk where I have lived for most of my life.

About Me

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