I'm amazed at the improvement in my strength and flexibility since starting these classes. I arrive feeling stiff and tired, and leave feeling supple and relaxed. Rachel explains the movements clearly and can give instant adaptations to suit all levels of ability. I can't imagine stopping now - it's too important to my sense of well being!

Paquita, Pakenham.

Rachel’s pilates class is great.  She is such a nice person, very calm, caring, encouraging and jolly.  She is very attentive to exactly what people are doing and whether they are doing the exercise right and gently correcting them if not.  Her ability to manage different levels of ability and capability is excellent.

Pilates was suggested to me as a way of strengthening my core muscles and I definitely feel better for it.  I cannot cope with classes with loud music and instructors shouting over it and urging everyone to “keep up”.  Rachel’s pilates class is definitely nothing like that and so I would recommend it to anyone – especially those who, like me, are getting older and stiffer and need to keep moving.

Caroline, Gt. Livermere.

I have been attending Rachel's Pilates classes for a year and I must say I thoroughly enjoy them. Rachel clearly demonstrates the  various exercises as the class has mixed abilities. Everybody works to their own level. It is so lovely when you get the breathing and the move coordinated together.  I have noticed my core strength and posture improve over the time I have been attending. Under Rachel's expert guidance we have a thoroughly enjoyable session and many times the hour flies by so quickly as we are absorbed in what we are doing.

Jaqueline, Troston.

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